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William John Bennett, the vice president of Letterkenny Institute of Technology, and his delegation visited our college
2018/5/9 16:50:20  :品牌经营部  :国际合作部  

William John Bennett, the vice president of Letterkenny Institute of Technology, and his delegation visited our college

On January 25th, the vice president of Letterkenny Institute of Technology William John Bennett and John Andrew Bonar came to visit Neusoft university. Associate Dean of the College Kang Guihua, Minister of human resources Liu Mingli, the dean of Department of computer science and Engineering and Department of information and software engineering Ning Duobiao, the dean of Department of Digital Art Zhang Bing, the dean of SOVO Luo Jianbo and the minister of International Cooperation Pang Gang received the guests. Both parties have signed an agreement for future in-depth exchanges and cooperation.


During the meeting, the Vice President Kang Guihua gave a warm welcome to the guests. She introduced the path of development of our college and invited guests to watch the video- This is Neusoft. She pointed out that the first batch of Irish teachers and students had established friendly contact with our Chinese teachers and students in the past three months of college life. Two Irish teachers left a deep impression on the college, and some Irish students also expressed their desire to stay in China to continue their study. This semester's communication and learning has been achieved a great success; The friendship and cultural exchange between the two countries is growing day by day. We hoped that the LYIT Institute will carry out more exchanges with our college on learning and teaching in the future, and promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship industry in both countries.


Then, William John Bennett stated that he thanked everyone for their warm welcome. He pointed out that the Neusoft is the strongest partner of LYIT for now and for future. Both sides should explore more and more cooperative modes in the future. He made a detailed introduction to the LYIT Institute in terms of discipline setting, degree acquisition and internship opportunities, and actively envisaged various possibilities for cooperation with Neusoft. At the same time, he also sent invitations to teachers and students of Neusoft to welcome them to LYIT Institute for communication and study.


John Andrew Bonar added that the cooperation between LYIT and Neusoft is not only a cooperation between two colleges, but also a milestone in the cooperation of education and teaching in two countries. LYIT will give good faith and help Neusoft in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. He also expected that Neusoft can expand exchange with LYIT to promote the improvement of the teaching quality of both sides and the cooperation and development between the regional governments.


Subsequently, the bean of SOVO Luo Jianbo showed the 6 companies created by the college students, and won the praise from the guests and left great impression on them. The guests gave full recognition to the teaching methods of integration of production and teaching.



After a friendly conversation, the vice president of Neusoft Kang Guihua and the vice president of the Letterkenny Institute of Technology William John Bennett signed an agreement between LYIT and the Arts Department on the 2+2 cooperation program on the animation project, and the two parties exchanged gifts. then visited the campus and Digital Art Department.