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The Russian education group visited Neusoft
2018/5/9 16:42:17  :品牌经营部  :国际合作部  

The Russian education group visited Neusoft

The Russian education group visited Neusoft university on April 3rd , during their stay, two parties had a great discussion on the international exchange and cooperation. The visiting group included:  the consultant of Russian Federation Education, director of education and science supervision Sergei Nikolaevich(Сергей Николаевич), Vice president of the Ю.А. Moscow State Institute of Ibrahimovic. Senjet Korshunov Alexis Fladimirovich(Коршунов Алексей Владимирович),the Deputy Manager of "Russia China strategic investment fund" Semyon Meeking Aa(Семикина Е.Е.), and related media personnel of Russian public television. In the meantime, our vice president Liu Hong, deputy director of the president's Office Ju Xing, Minister of human resources Liu Mingli, the dean of SOVO Luo Jianbo, Vice Minister of international cooperation Pang Gang,and relevant responsible staffs had a warm welcome to our distinguish guests.

The Russian education group firstly visited the college history museum to get to know the history of Neusoft university , accompanied by Vice President Liu Hong. During their visit, the education group has great interested in the international cooperation and the student competition of the college. Vice president Liu Hong expressed the willingness that the two parties can strengthen the mutual cooperation and receive the support from Russian Federation on international cooperation. The education group also warmly invited our students to participate in Russian Federation Computer Software competitions to promote the mutual development on education and software industry in both countries.

Afterwards, the two parties held discussion on matters related to international cooperation. In the meeting, Sergei suggested that the education group is on behalf of all the universities in Russian Federation to discuss international cooperation with Neusoft university,  and they do hope to reach an agreement on international educational exchange. As the No.1 university in Russian Federation, Vice President of Ю.А. Moscow State Institute of Ibrahimovic Gore Shug Andrianof also hope to have in-depth educational exchanges mutually. He stated that the two universities both paid great attention on students' practical ability and highlight student centered learning philosophy, try our best to provide more employment opportunities for students. He also hoped that the two parties could conduct more in-depth exchanges, find more in common and looking for the best solution for mutual cooperation. At the same time, Gore Shug Andrianof also introduced that the university is about to build a modern photography base, which can enhance a better cooperation in the field.

Liu Hong, vice president of Neusoft university said that Neusoft is the top 100 enterprises around the world, it provides the university strong IT support. Moreover, the Neusoft has made a great accomplishment on medical health, big data and other advanced technologies. Research and development base is all over the country. Neusoft keep valuing the IT construction as its prominent feature, and has put a lot of attention on the international exchange.  Vice president Liu Hong also expressed his eagerness for cooperation between the two sides.


At the end of the visit, the representative of the Russian education delegation took a group photo with the relevant staffs. The meeting laid a good foundation for future cooperation between the two sides.


A brief introduction to the delegation

1. Sergei Nicholas Ravitch: The consultant of Russian Federation education ministry, director of education and science supervision

Sergei Nicholas Ravitch was appointed as the director of the federal examination center of the Russian Federation by the head of the Russian Federation education and scientific supervision bureau, Liu Bo glipova. The main task of the federal examination center is to prepare, serve and supervise the national unified examination. Prior to that, Sergei Nikolaevich worked as a consultant in Nirvana group.

Senjet Korshunov Alexis Fladimirovich(Коршунов Алексей Владимирович) :Vice president of the Ю.А. Moscow State Institute of Ibrahimovic

As vice president, Gore Shug Andrianof A.B. is responsible for the education and youth political work. He also serves as the head of the Institute of sports and health in Moscow National University, which is based on the Department of physical education in the school. Alexei Gore, a professor of social education and psychology in the University, he also is the winner of the Russian Federation prize for government in the field of education.


Brief introduction of Russian public television channel

Russian public television channel(Общественное телевидение России)is Russian national public television. Founded by Dmitri Medvedev and launched on May 19, 2013.