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Singapore Government and Business Representatives Visited Our University
2011/9/16 15:46:47  :  :  

On 14th September, Mr. Wong Shyun, Ministry of Singapore Defence and Education, Co-Chairman of Singapore-Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee , Mr. Ignatius Lim , Group Director of China Group IE Singapore , Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, Mr. Low Pat Chin , Director of Northeast Asia Division of Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ms. Chiong Woan Shin, Regional Director of West China Region , China Group , IE Singapore, Secretary-General of Singapore-Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee, Ms. Alexandra Tin, Centre Director of Chengdu West China Region, China Group, IE Singapore ,Vice Consul(Commercial) of Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore-Chengdu, etc, visited our university , accompanied by Mr. Zhang Gu ,Director of China Merchants, Sichuan, Mr. Bai Yirou , Director of Investment Promotion Bureau Dujiangyan . Chairmen from major Singapore companies ,staff of Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore-Chengdu , representatives of Singapore-Sichuan Trade and Investment Committee , Mr. Cao Yunfeng ,Vice-president of Neusoft Chengdu, Mr. Yi Shenghua , Director of Party Committee Office and President’s Office and Chiefs related visited together.

Mr. Wong Shyun and his party visited our university history museum, SOVO and software park. Mr. Cao Yunfeng introduced development course, orientation, teaching characteristics of Neusoft. Mr. Wong Shyun expressed his recognitions and appreciations to Neusoft knowledge structure. He also deeply impressed by the unique establish philosophy of SOVO and the combination of education and industry.