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Auburn University Visited Our University
2011/9/29 15:44:17  :  :  

On 26th September, Chancellor of Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama Technology Foundation Board of Directors, Alabama Technology Foundation Board of Directors Mr. Dr. John George Veres , Special Assistant to the Chancellor of Auburn University, Dean of Information Technology School of Auburn University Mr. He Yaoqin, President of YiEn International, President of Sino-US Business & Culture Foundation Mr. Wen Yong visited our university. Chengdu Neusoft University President Dr. Zhang Yinghui, Chief of President’s Office Mr. Yi Shenghua and Head of International Office Ms. Zheng Wenchan received them.



President Zhang Yinghui and Dr. Veres held a meeting in Room A2219. They communicated about universities’ situation and development for each other and discussed possible cooperation between us. Then Dr. Veres group visited our University History Show, Central Machine Room and SOVO. In SOVO, Dr. Veres expressed his appreciation to our students. Vice-president Zhang Hui communicated with them about School-running characteristics, teaching quality, future development and so on.


At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Dr. Veres and Mr. Wen Yong gave a lecture to our students, which improved our communication and cooperation greatly.